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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a practice that runs through every aspect of e-commerce from awareness. Getting your brand and products found the right people online is critical to organic success. We boost SEO with scalable and sustainable tactics, optimising everything from the wording on the web page to the coding behind it.

So, if you’re looking to grow organic traffic to your e-commerce site and skyrocket your site authority – we have a suite of SEO services to help. 

  • Competitor analysis takes stock of the market to identify opportunities to disrupt and grow.
  • Keyword research – analysis of the market, your customers and their buying patterns will allow us to identify keyword opportunities to target and optimise for.
  • Website audit quantifies key SEO performance indicators and identifies opportunities for improvements.
  • Technical optimisation – using Google’s best practices, we’ll configure your website for optimum search efficiency.​
  • Content audit – we’ll take a qualitative assessment of your website content, comparing and contrasting against the keyword research to identify strengths and weaknesses.​
  • On-page content optimisation – refining all your current content to improve search traffic and click-through rate. ​
  • Link building – we organise and execute your targeted outreach to build relationships and acquire powerful backlinks.​

Branding & Design Development

The business of selling online takes a lot of time and resources. We understand that not every business has the bandwidth to work on design and imagery, but both are both critical to establishing your brand online, and securing those sales. We’ll help you develop professional product photos and graphics for use on your website, your Amazon listings and your social media channels – letting you concentrate on the business of making money.

Website Development

A compelling website is the foundation of a strong online brand. Whether you’re planning a fully-fledged e-commerce hub or a simple brand website, you’ll need a partner who understands both the intricacies of an effective website and a view of the bigger picture.

Let us create a website for you that truly represents your brand, and has the potential to power your online growth to new heights.

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